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Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the date of entry into the territory.

Visa waiver
Italian, French, German, Spanish and English nationals are exempt from visa requirements for stays up to 15 days (including entry and exit days). This visa waiver is only valid for a single entry visa. The passport must be valid 6 months after the planned exit. It is also necessary to present proof of exit from the country (return air ticket). 
In the case of dual entry into Vietnam, travelers receive only one exemption and not two. It is advisable to use this exemption for the 1st entry then to use a single entry visa for the 2nd entry. In case of multiple entries, a multiple entry visa is required.

Visa on arrival
-   Contact us for visa requirements. You won’t be able to apply on your own because you must get a visa authorization approved by the Immigration Department of Vietnam in advance.
-   Send us all the requested information about your visa. These will then be sent to the Immigration Department for approval of your group visa.
-    After 3 to 5 working days, you will receive a copy of your visa authorization by email.
-   Print it and bring it on board with two ID photos and money to pay stamping fees at the airport ; 25 USD per person for a single visa (one entry) or 50 USD per person for a multiple visa.
-  When you get off the plane, go to the visa office with your all papers: visa authorization, passport, ID photos, 25 USD / person and complete the customs form correctly.

Tourist visa
The Vietnamese visa fee is mandatory, unless exempted. Its price varies from one year to another.
●    The electronic visa (E-visa)
French and Canadian travelers can apply to the Vietnamese visa online. This electronic visa does not yet apply to citizens of Belgium or those of Switzerland. The request must be made on the National Web Portal on Immigration website. This electronic visa is valid for 30 days and costs 25 USD (about 22 €).
You will get the answer within 3 working days of completion of the online application. Please note that you won’t be notified by email, you will have to look for it on the website. 
You must check the information, print it and then present it to Vietnamese Customs Office upon arrival. The customs officer will affixe an entry stamp on your passport. No other formality is required.