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Song Phuong village - a trip to nature and tradition

Escaping from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi, it takes you only 30 minutes to get to Song Phuong vegetable village.
The abundance of water from Day River irrigates fields and rice paddies and enriches them with precious silt. Ms. Mạnh, a local farmer, is willing to help you explore the picturesque agricultural village.

What to do?

  • Visit the open-air and antique market in the village

  • Take a stroll in vegetable gardens and orchards and immerse yourself in nature

  • Mingle with friendly and hospitable local people

  • Enjoy traditional and tasty dishes with a local family

When and how to get there?

Song Phuong vegetable village is 17 km to the West of Hanoi. On the way to the village, travelers can seize the chance to visit two famous pagodas in Hanoi, namely Chua Thay (Master’s Pagoda) and Chua Tay Phuong (Tay Phuong Pagoda). Tourists are recommended to spend a whole day in the village to deeply feel what it is like to be a farmer in Vietnam. 

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